Loving what you do is very important. It gives you the drive and energy to wake up each day and work for your dreams, whether you’re getting enough income, less or none at all.

The reason why I’m posting this is because most people STOP at some point and I’d like to give you a lot of reasons NOT to but first, let me show you why they quit.

1. When they can’t pay their bills anymore. They embrace the readily available opportunity out there and get stuck. Maybe, they get comfortable with what they’re doing, thus forgetting their dreams. And then time passes by. It passes so quickly, they didn’t notice it’s 10, 15 or 20 years after.

2. They feel that it’s too difficult and complicated. Of course it is! If achieving ones dream is easy, we would all have gotten there! The reason why it’s called a DREAM is because you can hardly get it while you’re awake, so you try to get it when you’re sleeping. Not everyone has the guts to get it but YOU have, right?

3. They don’t get any support from family or friends. Some people become successful with the whole gang supporting for them and it feels good! But not everyone has that. So pick yourself up and start doing it anyway. With or without support, DO IT! Once you’re there, they’ll eventually support you for sure!


1. There is this BIG question that wakes you up each night. “What if I didn’t stop?”. I believe that this question has to be answered now and not 20 years after. What if I won’t stop doing what I want to do for the rest of my life? Would I be happy? Don’t think about money or success yet. First, think about your own happiness. Think about your fulfillment as a person. Do you think it will give you great pleasure to continue working for it?

If the answer to this question is YES, I suggest NOT to STOP. Keep on DOING IT even if you’re tired, hungry, sad or whatever it is you’re feeling. As long as you find peace and happiness doing it, GO FOR IT!

2. If you hadn’t gone fulfilling for your dreams, what would you be doing? Perhaps, you’re working as a bank manager somewhere, leading a team of your own or perhaps a great carpenter or worse, nothing. You’re jobless, miserable and lonely. Wherever you might be, time flies.

And time flies so quickly with or without you working for your dreams. Why waste your time doing what you don’t like, force yourself to get up each day and go to work when you can do what you love and be happy and fulfilled with it!

Of course it’s not easy! But so as working everyday for something you don’t like doing, pleasing the boss you don’t want to work with in a company that can never be yours! They’re both hard and complicated anyway, why not choose the one that can make you feel happy?

3. When you grow old and you’re going to tell stories to your grandchildren, would you tell them that you’ve wasted your youth chasing the carrot right in front of your nose?

Or would you rather tell them that you’ve travelled far and wide in search for your dream, endured great hardships, suffered a lot and got battered and wounded several times BUT YOU NEVER GIVE UP?

Imagine you’ll tell them you finished your journey with pride and you were happy with your days and how you spent your life and hope they’d do the same. Isn’t that a better story to tell?

We only live once, why don’t we make the most out of it? It’s not going to be a smooth journey. All rough roads and stormy weather. But that’s how we’re molded into becoming the person that we want to become. That’s how we become WHAT WE REALLY ARE.

What is your inspiration? Why do you want to reach your dreams? What is success to you? Answer these three questions and you’ll find the reason within you. NEVER GIVE UP! Share your answers in the comments below. Feel free to connect with me, too and I hope to see you reach for your dreams. I would love to see you “there”.