About Us

Our fascination for business development, online entrepreneurship, and digital skills equipped us to help clients build a thriving business. 

Our Story

Rochefel Rivera, started in the online workspace in 2013, with her humble beginning as a Virtual Assistant. Her passion for training, speaking, consulting, and business development led her to wear many hats, in the hopes of motivating people to rediscover themselves and follow their passion, resulting in building their dream business.

From simply sharing her digital marketing and business development skills in her Youtube channel, Roche attracted people sharing the same passion and vision as she has, growing her influence and network of online professionals and entrepreneurs alike.

Her high regard for growth, collaboration, and relationship building helped clients find their purpose while building an effective business model based on their passion, reach their goals through digital marketing and enjoy the lifestyle that they want while having enough time for the things they value the most.

With friends having the same goal as her, Roche also led to establishing a national-based cooperative that aims to raise the bar of the Filipino Online Professionals industry, help attain sustainability and growth in the virtual workspace.

Our Founder

Roche continually helps clients discover their passion and life’s purpose. For them, her guidance is a comforting thought while they conceive their ideas, and get through the birth pains of a thriving business. She believes that if we help enough people find their purpose, we would’ve fulfilled our gift to the world”.

Community Building

With her spearheading the cooperative, digital skills training, and managing her own business development consultancy and VA services business at the same time, the cooperative has been her main source of clients’ stable online support, ensuring them of quality, predictable services at all times. 

Our Purpose

Roche hoped to build a dependable community of online professionals filled with talents,  and a strong family-like culture, that cultivates character, growth, and entrepreneurship.

Our Team, Our Family

Roche gathered friends that will help her support clients. She believes that it’s not an easy journey, and having the best people around will ensure that they deliver motivating results. 

Charlyn Del Rosario

Charlyn Del Rosario

Digital Skills Trainer/Account Manager/Digital Marketer

Mark Esmana<br />

Mark Esmana<br />

Digital Skills Trainer/Account Manager/3D Animation and Graphics Expert

Sherlane Fortunado

Sherlane Fortunado

Digital Skills Trainer/ Online Business Manager/ Digital Marketer

Sunserray Velez

Sunserray Velez

Facebook Ads Expert/ Customer Service Manager

Let's Work Together!

We value our work as much as we value our client’s business. With this, we make sure that our services are exactly as you want it to be and will produce the results your business needs, without hurting your budget.