When I first heard of “Auto-responder” a year ago, it was “alien” to me and I don’t have any idea what it is or what is it for! At that time, I thought it is something so technical that I need not learn it.

I was wrong. A few weeks after my website is up, I learned about it and how it’s relevant for a website especially for a auto-responder is a computer program that automatically answers e-mail sent to it. They can be very simple or quite complex according to WIKI.

Have you experienced signing in one of those free ebooks that other websites offer? If your answer is yes, the automatic message that you received is a product of an auto-responder.

The page where you put your name and email address is called an “opt in page” where you as a consumer “opted in” or voluntarily put your email information in exchange of something that has value to you. A good example, an eBook, a free report, list, diet program, statistics or anything that a website offers.

Our name and email address goes in a “list” of their target customers where they send ezines (a short, emailed information about their product or service in a magazine format), product discount offers or simply educating you on a certain topic.

Auto-responders are important in building a “list of your ideal clients for future marketing campaigns and the best way to do that is by giving something of value to your customers, my best example, an ebook showing my clients what a auto-responder automatically sends a thank you or congratulations email. This is a preset email that you, as the website owner should create. You should also send more emails in relation to your marketing plan, product or service offer or simply build relationship to your customers. Here’s an example of an auto-responder campaign:

1st email : Upon sign up. Thank you and confirmation email
2nd email : 4 days after 1st email Link to video tutorial #1 (product introduction)
3rd email : 5 days after 2nd email Link to video tutorial #2 (product benefits)
4th email : 5 days after 3rd email Link to video tutorial #3 (more benefits)
5th email : 3 days after 3rd email Link to a “sales page” (discount offer)

The above example of an email can go from as little as the confirmation email to as far as 100 email schedules depending on what marketing campaign a company has. This is where they build relationships, show their products/services and ask their customers to buy.

There are a lot of auto-responder providers to choose from. Here are just some of them, but surely there’ll be more out there.

1. Aweber
2. GetResponse
3. Infusionsoft
4. Mailchimp
5. Constant Contact, etc.

All of these auto-responders have different interface and features, you may find one that suites your needs and budget. Mailchimp has a forever free plan that allows up to 12,000 email sending and 2,000 email list. If you think you don’t have enough list yet, you can start with this and then just upgrade to a premium once you exceeded your list.

For now, start building a list of your ideal clients and make sure to ready your email campaign. The work of