In any business, you meet people that resonates with you. In the online industry, it also goes the same. Not being able to meet a person face to face doesn’t mean real friendship and connection won’t happen. I’ll tell you the story of a home-based business like me as I collaborate with the SEO Consultant.

A few months ago, just as I was starting to build the Professional VA’s Facebook group , I met an SEO expert among the chaos of other groups. If there’s a talent in me, that is to be able to identify a good apple from the bad. This person is a really good one.

His SEO skills, work experience and principles in life are nothing compared to what I have and yet he openly shared his knowledge and partnership with me. He does not look at what he can gain but what he can offer to people that wants to start their own business online and enjoy the same benefits he’s enjoying as an SEO Consultant and Manager.

He is straight forward, direct to the point and had a strong advocacy for online business as a means of getting people out of the rat race, may it be in Website Development, Social Media, Blogging, Graphics or any skill that can be done virtually.

This is where we really connected. Though my experience as a Virtual Assistant is very little, he appreciates the way I am sharing how it is done and I do the same with his. That’s why we got into a collaboration of conducting an SEO Course that may be anyone’s ticket to financial and time liberation.

Yes, I say liberation. Because we can choose the time we want to work and the kind of projects and people we want to work with as an SEO Consultant or Manager and even as a Virtual Assistant specializing in the same field.

This person, who has given so much in the course will continue to train and help spread the news about online entrepreneurship and all the benefits it has. Of course, it’s never easy, but neither is working an eight-hour-job, commuting to office and beating deadlines for a company that can never be yours.

Kim Romarez, hats off to you. Thank you for the friendship and for sharing your knowledge not only to me but to all our enrollees who also want to do something different in their lives. For those who want to build an empire from the comforts of their home. I know they will, as long they have the drive to do it.

Together, we will also do our best to bring out the best in them.